Campus Experiences

CSP partners with units across campus to provide valuable experiences for precollege students. Whether it’s a trip to IU Bloomington School of Medicine Simulation Center to see how health professionals train through hands-on experiences with high-tech mannequins, a behind-the-scenes look in the Jacobs School of Music’s Musical Arts Center, a tour of one of IU’s culture centers, creating with IU's makerspace community, attending the African American Arts Institute’s Potpourri of the Arts or a having an interactive lesson on cybersecurity, data science or societal future camp with Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, we help make a trip to IU Bloomington memorable. Groups also experience campus tours, peek into a dorm room, have a Q&A session with an IU student panel, and have a meal in a campus dining hall.

Emma Donnan students create with the Uplands Maker Mobile
Dinner at a residence hall before Potpourri of the Arts
Read and create with Uplands Maker Mobile
Lawrence North students at IU Simulation Center
Northview students at IU Simulation Center
The PATH School
Guests arriving for Potpourri of the Arts visit
Emma Donnan students create with the Uplands Maker Mobile
Emma Donnan students create with the Uplands Maker Mobile
 Seymour Intermediate School
Seymour Intermediate School
Black and Biracial Youth Initiatives

We believe that once you see it, you can be it.

Willie Neal, The PATH School
PATH School IU Campus Visit

Description of the video:

We believe that once you see it, you can be it. So we start them off early seeing college campuses, we see different events, different job opportunities. A lot of middle schoolers haven't had the chance to go to a college campus, to go outside their neighborhoods. So that's why being exposed to different things is such an important part of not only education, but as far as life. So you can see people who look like you, who are in college. You can see people who look like who own their own business or who work at Eli Lilly or a professor at a university made a mistake very early in the design phase. Okay. Your count. Fine. All it takes is a small piece of metal to pop the shear, to pop the reset bar, and this is the problem we have in all security. I just want to thank Dr. Shakur and the whole IU staff to help put this together. We appreciate you and we hope that our visit is good and that we get invited back.

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