Spring Shadow Days

Spring Shadow Days is a popular three-day, two-night residential program that pairs high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with college students for one-on-one mentoring. Participants get a taste of campus life at IU Bloomington as they attend classes, meetings, and extracurricular activities with their mentor. Guests also learn about the college admissions process and hear presentations about scholarship opportunities and the various resources available to students seeking a higher education.

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Visit IU Program (VIP)

In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club Crestmont Club, the Visit IU Program (VIP) introduces underrepresented students in the Bloomington area to college life through monthly visits to IU’s flagship campus. Visits are tailored to the students’ individual interests, grade level, and college preparatory timeline. Students not only gain insight about IU Bloomington, but also are introduced to the many resources available to help them get ready for the academic, social, and financial demands of higher education. 

I was exposed to a multitude of college tools and programs prior to my initial enrollment. CSP continues to be an amazing program that connects IU Bloomington to the youth in the community and molds future leaders.

Alexis Beverly, Hudson & Holland Scholar

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