Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Pursue your interests in a particular field by participating in hands-on academic summer experiences in collaboration with Community & School Partnerships. These programs provide several activities beyond the classroom, allowing you to engage with faculty, socialize with fellow students, and explore the IU Bloomington campus.

Media School Summer Program, supported by CSP

Description of the video:

For me, I'm just insanely grateful. I wouldn't have been able to attend this camp without it. It probably wouldn't have happened in the experience I've had here being made possible by that scholarship. That's one of the most valuable things to me in the past few years of my life. I feel like, yeah, it means a lot to me just to be able to know, like I was able to come to this camp and learn many different things and work with many new people that I would have never met if I wasn't able to get this scholarship. So just to be able to meet new people and learn new things, it means a lot to me. My favorite part of this academy is to make friends. The friendship I made with my counselors and my fellow colleagues. So what are some things that you have learned here at the academy that you think you wouldn't have learned? I learned about script. I learned more about my script write and my story. Just seeing throughout this film how I did many different roles. I helped with like directing, I helped with camera, I helped with acting a little. And it was just cool to see how well my group worked together and how we could come together and make a pretty good film. So Elliot, what are some things you learned here at this academy that you think you could learn on your own? That I think I could. That you couldn't couldn't learn? I think there's plenty of stuff. First of all, obviously the hands on experience, there's that many people out there who really have the budget to go for this equipment and also even the budget to produce a short film. So the hands on experience was a huge thing for me. Like a huge gained experience. And then also talking with these industry executives. These people who've got experience out in the industry and like having conversations with them, feeling like they're talking with us and having a conversation with us, rather than lecturing us or talking at us. That was something very valuable that I feel like I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else. So what do you think will stick with you the most after this camp is over? The most stick with me. When this camp is over, my friends because my friends helped me get where I need to be and we will do more collapse together in the near future. What are some things that you're learning here at the academy that you couldn't learn on your own? Do you think definitely more about the equipment, more about what it is to be a director, what it's like to produce. Because like before I came here, producing was just like something that you would see on the screen. But now I see like what a true producer does and how that like how creative it really is. So it definitely helps to see the new different things that I would have never thought about. Definitely just the eagerness I have for filmmaking. Like before I came here, I was straddling a bunch of different subjects. I have an interest in a lot of things. I was struggling to really decide what I wanted to go to college for, and I had never really had the resources available for me to delve into filmmaking as much as I wanted to. But now that I've really gotten more experience, I think it's cemented the idea for me that I want to pursue a future in filmmaking.

The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program provides underrepresented high school students with an introduction into the world of science at Indiana University.  Led by a dynamic and skilled team of IU faculty members and Indiana high school teachers, participants attend five days of lectures, perform laboratory work, and take part in discussions while living in an IU residence hall and experiencing life in a college setting. 

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The Jim Holland Summer Science Research Program is the second-year component to the Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program. In this summer experience, a subset of first-year students from the summer enrichment program return to the IU Bloomington campus to spend a week conducting research with an IU Bloomington faculty member.

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The Jim Holland Research Initiative in STEM Education serves as the third-year component to the Jim Holland programs.  Designed for top-performing high school seniors, the RISE initiative immerses participants in advanced subjects such as atmospheric sciences, virology, and mathematics and statistics. As part of the event, students tour the campus grounds and receive information about IU programs on college readiness, scholarships, service learning, undergraduate research opportunities and more. 

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The Integrated Program in the Environment’s Summer Experience in Sustainability and the Environment (SESE) aims to increase students’ awareness and understanding of environmental issues and expose them to sustainability education. The program connects high school students to experts in environmental sciences, and to educational experiences that expand their knowledge and interest in these fields.

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CSP provides support through funding for this summer program based on financial need.

Digital Cinema Academy


CSP provides support through funding for this summer program based on financial need.

Game Development Camp