College Prep

Get in the Game. Maximize Your Financial Aid.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is key to getting money for your education based on your financial need. By filing your FAFSA you’ll be applying for the most financial aid available including loans, grants, work-study, and some scholarships. For priority awarding, be sure to complete a new FAFSA each year between October 1 and March 10.

Finance Your Future.

Here's the best news: financial assistance is readily available. In fact, one of the biggest hurdles many students face is sifting through all the available scholarships to find those most applicable to their own situation. The website has done extensive research on today's most popular scholarship search platforms, compiling the results into a concise report that helps you make sense of the college funding landscape. Your financial needs are as unique as you are; let assist you in evaluating all the options.

Explore. Prepare. Apply.

Led by a partnership of state and local organizations, Learn More Indiana helps Hoosiers of all ages complete education and training beyond high school. Visit the Learn More Indiana website where you’ll find a variety of helpful resources—in print, in person, online, and on the phone—to turn college and career dreams into reality.

Your Education. Your Future.

Indiana Career Explorer helps you explore a world of career possibilities, make decisions about your future, and prepare for the next step in your education and career planning journey.

A Compass to Campus.

Navigating the college application process can be one of the most challenging educational experiences a young student goes through. Fortunately, resources are readily available to point you in the right direction and ease the transition from high school to higher learning. Check out the comprehensive College Admissions Guide for an insider's look at timelines, requirements, and key tips every applicant should know.

I enjoyed the hands-on experience and the feeling I was accomplishing something bigger than myself that others will look back on and use.

A James Holland RISE participant

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

To thrive as a state and as individuals, Hoosiers need to achieve a depth and breadth of education that meets the needs of an evolving workforce. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is committed to furthering efforts that support college access and success for all Hoosiers.

What Does It Mean to Be College and Career Ready?

The Indiana Department of Education Office of College and Career Readiness provides a wealth of helpful information about the new Indiana Academic Standards, as well as resources and guidance on content subject areas, Career and Technical Education, and STEM. In addition, you will learn what it means to be college and career ready and the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to succeed in college and prepare for future career opportunities.

Imagining the Possibilities

The Office of High Ability Education administers grants to support school corporations that develop local programs and services for high ability students. In addition, the Office provides resources, workshops, and materials to support this student population.

A Champion of Afterschool Learning

The Indiana Afterschool Network serves as an advocate of afterschool and summer learning, working to empower and connect youth workers, partners, and others at state and local levels.